Cast iron rollers

Besides rubber rollers ( RR) , our range includes also rollers completely made of cast iron (GR). These roles are useful in the same way as the rubber ones, and are carried out identically . The advantage of this is that the cast iron roll is abrasion resistant with harsher conditions. Nevertheless, the practice shows witch type of role is the most appropriate for a given situation. Factors such as soil type and weather conditions play a big role, and of course the most decisive personal preferences. Cast iron rolls can be supplied with a hollow axle (BD, BN, BT) , an axle with or without thread (AM, IM , AZ ) or a bore and keyway (GB , SP ) . To give you an idea of ​​the roles in our range you will find below a brief overview.

BN 16mm hollow axle with end cap
BD 16mm hollow axle through & through
BT 20mm hollow axle
AM Threaded axle
AZ Axle without thread
IM Axle with internal thread
GB Bore