Below you can find different support and return rollers.

We have a wide range of rollers, so the right roller can be found for any situation. The diameter of the length of the race are very important. Unless otherwisestated the races of our rollers have a length of 60mm. We will gladly advise you about the possibilities.

All rollers are manufactured with 2 sealed bearings and an axle with or without thread (AM) or a hollow axle (BD). Of course we can also supply rollers with only the bearings.

To make mounting easier, we generally supply the rollers with a threaded axle with a hexagonal hole (6K). Other possibilities are a saw cut (ZS), flat surface (VB) or a flat piece (VK) on the shoulder or on top of the axle.

As an option many rollers are available with a hollow axle, type BN. This axle is shorter than the hollow axle type BD. With the hollow axle type BN the bolt head is positioned within the roller. After fitting the roller will be closed by means of a nylon cap.

Rubber rollers (RR)

Cast iron rollers (GR)

Polyurethane rollers (KR)

Special rollers

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